My name is Maxim Usik. Originally from Russia, St. Petersburg, at age 17 I went to study visual communication to Finland. Since that I live in Finland, while spending much time travelling abroad.

Who am I: Beside being an Illustrator I am also a traveller and Atma Kriya Yoga practitioner. If we move further on the list I am also a big fan of everything beautiful, original and unique.

Things I love: art, paintings, photography, music, poetry, fiction literature, hiking, rambling, plants, trees, Vedic wisdom and philosophy, cold water bathing, sauna, early morning wake up, diving and snorkelling, table tennis, tennis, badminton, meditation, yoga, to travel, to smile, to laugh, to be in good mood, Youtube (for it lectures) and Spotify.

Places I love: pure nature, city parks, national parks, ocean sunset, starry night, high mountains, India, Bali, Miraflores district in Lima, museums, exhibitions,

People I love: spiritual leaders, romantics, dreamers, humorists, any kind of charity makers, Van Gogh for his passion, Steve Jobs for his principles, Picasso for his bravery and Henry Miller for his sincerity and Sri Swami Paramahamsa Vishwananda for his love, guiding and care.

illustration I love: See my Pinterest Illustration board

Music I love: Indian devotional music. Please check my Spotify Bhajan and Kirtans music Playlist

Visual Art I love: Pinterest Illustration board

Food I love: all kind of vegetarian food, honey, milk, fruits, falafel, indian food, smetana, cottage cheese

Since year 2015 – member of The Finnish Association of Illustrators – Kuvittajat.

Client list

International Clients

  • Asian Scientist magazine (Singapore)
  • Bird in Flight (Ukraine)
  • Capital magazine (Germany)
  • Science Focus BBC magazine (UK)
  • Nastroenie -magazine (Russia)
  • Quanta Magazine (USA)

Finnish Clients

  • Blue Wings -magazine (Finnair)
  • Etelä Suomen sanomat   -newspaper
  • Journalisti -magazine
  • Helsingin Sanomat -newspaper
  • Helsingin Info -magazine
  • Gasetti -lehti
  • Kanava -magazine
  • Kotitalo -magazine
  • Kuluttaja -magazine
  • Mainostoimisto Remes & Packart Oy
  • Talouselämä -magazine
  • Tiede -magazine (Finland)
  • Tivi -magazine (Finland)
  • Metallitekniikka -magazine
  • Sosiaalivakuutus -magazine (KELA)
  • Vihreä Lanka -magazine
  • Viesti -lehti

Contact info

The best way to contact me is to email:

Telegram: @usjara